The most difficult part of a house clearance is disposing of the accumulated possessions of a loved one, it can be overwhelming which is why some people choose to use a professional property clearance company.

We have put together a list of what you will need and a rough guide to times and cost involved.



  • At least two full day maybe three to clear an average 2/3 bedroom house including recycling and redistribution on and off site
  • A large van preferably with a tail lift to save your back and make lifting heavy items safe, expect to pay £120 for two days plus you will need to pay a refundable deposit of between £250 – £500
  • Fuel – Depending on how far you are away from the local tip and charities, you should expect to do one or two tips to the dump and numerous trips to charity shops and recycling points for books, clothes, plastics, metals etc – £60 -£80
  • A permit to enter your local tip in a van, most tips have a height restriction, so make sure you can access the site, as you may load the van up only to be told you cant enter, you can contact Surrey Council on 03456 009 009 or apply online –  FREE
  • Two to three reasonably fit and strong people with a at least a day or two to spare, so probably best pick a weekend unless your paying wages or calling some favours. Wages for two to three people – £210 – £300
  • 30 – 40 Heavy duty rubble sacks – £10
  • 2 – 4 Boxes per room in the house you can collect for from local shops and supermarkets for FREE or buy online for about – £25 to £50
  • Lots of bubble wrap and / or paper for wrapping up fragile items prior to transportation – £20
  • 10 – 20 bungee straps for fastening furniture and boxes in place whilst in transit and a couple of ratchet straps for larger heavier items to avoid damage to van and or other items – £10 – £30
  • Sack barrow or decent trolley, for moving large and cumbersome items, borrow from a friend or buy for – £30
  • Wheel barrow if their are lots of potted plants ornaments etc in the garden that need clearing.
  • Stiff broom, soft broom  and a dust pan & brush for brushing out hardwood and tiled floors, garage and patio etc.
  • A hoover for vacuuming the spaces cleared so they’re nice and tidy best use something like Henry, TIP don’t use a Dyson if hoovering an area like a shed or a garage they are not up to the job, unless you’ve sweep well first

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